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At Platinum Business Solutions, we provide a unique business solution experience to our valued clients, one that focuses on customer satisfaction first. We understand that running your own business can be a daunting experience. Our goal is to provide the customer with an enjoyable, honest service by satisfying our individual customer’s needs with a quality business solution.

“Excellence is our brand. When you are excellent you are unforgetable.”


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At Platinum Business Solutions, our core function is to position our clients ‘ahead of the curve’ by generating the vital competitive advantage that has become imperative in today’s business world. We base our solutions on a business philosophy and commitment to pursuing long-term, innovative, sustainable & intelligent business solutions for all our valued clients.  

As a team, we share a relentless pursuit of dedication and performance excellence, constantly refining and enhancing our solutions to create the ultimate client experience. We fearlessly test fresh new ideas and push our boundaries. Our dedication and belief in innovation and technology, together with the solid support of our loyal clients, make us the driving force in their success.


We firmly believe in building companies around people. From day one, we work with our clients, unlocking new ways of thinking on both an individual and group level so that we can lead them and their people to extraordinary breakthroughs. In so doing, we facilitate the achievement of phenomenal results.


Our approach to innovation is to ensure we are constantly evolving and understanding how technology infuses within every business. Our dedication to our clients helps us understand their requirements. We never stop creating better solutions, whether through marketing, key accounts management & client services, policy management, or accounting & business administration. As every client is unique, we develop bespoke business solutions for each client by investing in our feedback.

Platinum Business Solutions – taking your business to new heights through a wide range of customised services

No matter the size of your business – compliance is critical!

Whether your team is working on-site or at home, meeting the required compliance obligations is vital to prevent being fined, imprisoned, or both, and suffering reputational damage.


Our company is not only focused on performance and profitability but people and their potential. The Platinum Way is all about unleashing the power of the individual business, beginning with their vision and unfolding in a quest of constantly evolving development and business solutions.

Client Testimonials

Ismail Moosa - Managing Director - MOOSA’S ENTERPRISES (Cape Town)

In 2018 I appointed Platinum Business Solutions to facilitate a Business Turnaround Strategy in order to improve the productivity and performance within my company. As we provide a transport service to some of the most well known brands in South Africa, we had to ensure that we remain operational, avoid any service failures, whilst restructuring the business to ensure we achieve our goals.

With professionalism, skill and experience, Zarina and her team understood the importance of preserving the heritage of my company, as we had been in operation for the past forty years, but at the same time modernise the way we operated in order to be aligned with our business needs. They understood the mechanics of how a family business is run, and had implemented an organised system that is integrated with all areas of the business, to ensure we function optimally.  They streamlined our business operations where, presently, we enjoy a much better relationship with our clients, employees, labour regulators, financial service providers and suppliers. During COVID-19 our company had experienced minimal disruption, were able to continue to operate and not retrench any employees. A definite recommendation as their service had proven beneficial to the continued success of our business.

Adenaan Hardien - Economist (Cape Town)

I found myself retrenched during last year’s hard lockdown on trumped-up charges. This was part of a broader retrenchment exercise at the firm that saw staff numbers slashed on similar spurious grounds to reduce the wage bill in the face of Covid. The nature of the company was such that there is no union representation of any kind.

I was completely out of my depth with respect to labour law. I reached out to Zarina Moosa, and her subsequent help has been invaluable. She walked me through everything I needed to know with respect to labour law and the processes open to me through which I could seek remedy. With her help, I lodged a claim at the CCMA and she has continued to provide ongoing assistance as the matter drags on. I cannot thank her enough. I recommend her and the very able team behind her wholeheartedly.

Yazeed Veldsman - Warehouse Controller (Cape Town)

I wish to comment on the brilliant service I received from Platinum Business Solutions with regards to a dispute I had with my company. The service was extremely professional. I received constant feedback on the process until case with heard by the CCMA. They’ve displayed a set of skills rarely seen in their field of expertise. My experience was absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend any person to make use of their services. I achieved the best possible outcome that I was completely satisfied with.

Waheed Arend - Financial Accountant (Cape Town)

I have had the pleasure of working with Zarina Moosa from Platinum Business Solutions on my labour related matter. Her deep knowledge and experience bears testimony to the company. The extreme professionalism, work ethic and preparation always set me at ease. The constant communication and updates kept me comfortable that I am in good hands. The courteous and approachable manner brought welcome relief to the anxiety of my matter and inspired me to continue. I have no hesitation in recommending Platinum Business Solutions.

Sonia Gomez - Director (Cape Town) - EASI CURVES

I can say that I am very happy with the service provided by Platinum Business Solutions. They were very professional in handling both my business and personal accounts. The business accounts were in a state and Platinum Business took it and assisted in correcting the problems I had with SARS as well as bringing my books to up to date. I recommend them as an accounting firm to any business.

Xolani Mpethshi General assistant (Cape Town)

I contacted miss Zarina when I received a retrenchment notice during Covid-19. I asked her to help me as I did not understand what I had to do.  I was the only person working to support my family, I was worried that I was not going to be able to feed them. She contacted my boss and spoke to him a few times to see if there was a way I can keep my job.  After  a while, my boss agreed that I can work less days in the week for less money, but I can look for work at other places until he has work for me for a full week. She understood that I could not pay her a lot of money. My family is very happy. Thank you miss Zarina.

Shamilla Moolajee - Female Entrepreneur - Shamillaspur (Cape Town)

Platinum Business Solutions has been assisting me for a while now with my bookkeeping and financial statements. Zarina’s business advice and support has played an instrumental part in my business and the day to day running of my finances. She is reliable and comes highly recommended.

Natasha Manuel - Floor manager (Port Elizabeth)

I was promoted to floor manager at a factory shop after 15 years of working at the company. However, a few of my work collegues (other managers) started to cause problems for me with my team which resulted me being called in by management for poor work performance. I contacted Zarina, after a friend recommended me, and immediately I knew I was in safe hands. She talked me through the process, what to expect, how to manage the poor work performance process, but also educated me on my rights as an employee. She also taught me some conflict management skills, which I am using to improve my relationship with my collegues. I am so grateful to Zarina for helping me through a very anxious time (and answering my whatspp messages at 10pm at night so I can sleep peacefully). I will always remember her for professional and helpful manner. She has a natural ability to make you feel supported and safe.

Abeeda Soeker - Self Employed (Paarl)

I work for myself from home with a home industry where I cook food for companies, weddings, and functions. I asked Zarina for help to make my business more profitable so I can grow my business where I can save money for my retirement. While I was always making money, I could not see where my money was going as I had no accounting system in place. I explained to her that I am single, but I want to work to put money away when I get old. She put an accounting system in place, that is affordable and that is easy to run. Each month she checks in to see how my business is, she gives me advice and has put me in contact with someone who is managing my retirement savings. One of the most helpful people I know.