A good Business Coach helps you to realise your business plans
May 6, 2022

In our article published last month, we looked into the importance of having a business plan to ensure your business gets off on the right foot and maintains a solid momentum and growth path throughout its lifespan.

As we always like to say – think of any successful business. What you see behind the face of achievement is a hard-working team using well-developed structures to ensure the most efficient and favourable results possible. All the cogs are in place, tasks are running smoothly, and the system is sustainable.

This is achieved by ensuring that your business plant is adhered to and of course reviewing it and changing course when necessary. It is also achieved by partnering with a good Business Coach who can make all this possible and guide you through the ups and downs of your business as you progress. So how does a good Business Coach help you to realise your business plans? Well, let’s answer that question by starting with another…

What is a good Business Coach?

As one observer defines it, ‘’Business Coaches are typically expert entrepreneurs or executives who know how to grow successful businesses. They share that experience to help other business owners reach their goals. Hiring a business coach is like having a highly experienced partner in your corner. They provide personalised advice that can help you navigate the rough terrain of running a business.’’

The first thing any good Business Coach will advise you to do is construct a good business plan, but in case you missed our previous article, to recap quickly, what is a good business plan?

The business plan

A business plan outlines your business objectives and includes information about your products or services, your financial structures and resources and your proposed marketing strategies.

Small business owners often seek professional help for the drawing up of a business plan as it can guide them in their planning and their decision making, and seeing the bigger picture for their business improves their chances of it ultimately being a success.
It can also help to obtain the backing of investors or potential partners if you can see your overall financial position and plans for the future.

This then is exactly where a Business Coach comes in. They will help the business owner with the structure and the intricacies of the Business plan and most importantly assist them to review it and their progress as they grow as a business.

Why PBS?

As experts on the set-up, maintenance and growth of any business, even to the point of having expertise in business turnaround strategies for those businesses that might not have had our guidance from the outset, we at Platinum Business Solutions need to be (and we are) expert Business Coaches.

Remember that the correct structuring of the business plan under the supervision of the Business Coach is also just the beginning. Your business needs good business management, financial services and expertise in Human Resources and Labour relations, to name just a few of the services we provide.

Contact us today to find out exactly how a good Business Coach helps you to realise your business plans – and so much more!

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