What is Platinum Business Solutions?

Platinum Business Solutions is a business management and advisory consultancy firm. We offer a spectrum of services that we believe is required to build a sustainable & profitable business, with a solid foundation and a long term business vision.

What does the Platinum Way mean?

Our business solutions is customised to your business needs. We do not offer a one size fits all solution, as we  believe each company is unique, and maintaining that unique brand essence is our goal. We aim to put the most precious commodity back in your hands..time so that you can enjoy a better quality of life, at your desk and at home. We believe in focussing and maximising a business’s core strengths in order to facilitate improved productivity, performance and profit. Our main aim is to focus on the people behind the process and procedure, as we firmly believe that the key to any business success is a harmonised workforce. 

How much do you typically charge?

Our first consultation is free, which is usually a half hour. Thereafter, depending on the service required we would bill accordingly. Labour & Industrial Relations services is usually based on time, while Business Administration & Payroll services is dependant on the solution developed and implemented. Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements at info@platinumbusiness.co.za

What services do you offer?

We offer services to all startups, SME’s,  MMEs, family businesses, which includes Business Administration, Accounting and Tax solutions, Labour & Industrial Relations , Human Resource & Payroll services  and Business Turnaround strategies.

Are you a local company – or are you a global company with multiple offices around the world?

We are a boutique firm based in sunny Cape Town South Africa. However we have a digital platform that allows us to provide online services to our local and global market.