Great women who have shaped our world!
August 27, 2021

In August we celebrate women. We are reminded of those strong, resilient women who marched on the Union buildings way back in 1956 to protests against the draconian pass laws that existed under the apartheid regime. They made their gender proud and were a solid foundation to the many women we have in this country today who have become role models for others and taken leadership roles. Throughout the ages, there have been many exceptional women in the fields of sport, humanitarianism, law, politics, and of course in business, who have become shining global icons respected and acknowledged by all. These are just a few of the great women who have shaped our world…

Caster Semenya

An iconic global sports figure our own middle distance running champion Caster Semenya has not only achieved Olympic gold status in the 2016 Olympic games, but gold at the 2009 world championships, a silver in the 2011 world championships, and a silver in the 2012 summer Olympics. Caster has also constantly had to face a challenge far greater than her sport and that has been to prove her womanhood. As humiliating as this has been, she has done so with integrity and aplomb.

Princess Diana

Gone, but never to be forgotten Princess Diana, the former wife of Prince Charles of Wales, surpassed her royal status to become one of the world’s great humanitarians and philanthropists. She harnessed that media frenzy always thrust upon her to raise awareness of several progressive philanthropic causes. A remarkable fundraiser, Diana was at one point
linked to more than 100 charities!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

With a reputation as a pragmatic liberal with a keen eye for detail, the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 until she died in 2020. She was only the second woman to serve in the Supreme Court and this is seen as a massive achievement in her area of expertise. She was therefore a role model for all women who aspire to reach great heights in the legal profession.

Malala Yousufzai

Malala Yousafzai, often affectionately referred to simply as Malala, is known for human rights advocacy, especially the education of women and children in her native Swat Valley in
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, northwest Pakistan. In 2014, at the tender age of 17, she became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize after surviving an assassination attempt by
the Taliban. Once again the sheer resilience of such a young woman shows that neither age nor gender is a barrier to attaining greatness.

Indra Nooyi

This Indian-born American businesswoman is one of the most powerful businesswomen in America and the world and has been an inspiration to women everywhere who believe they can make a difference in the male-dominated corporate world. Indra, who served as the PepsiCo company’s CEO from 2006 to 2018 and was chairman of the board from 2007 to 2019, was instrumental in the lucrative restructuring and diversification of the soft-drink manufacturer’s brands.

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To our global icons, we say thank you for being the great women who have shaped our world – and to our local women we say, “We salute you.’’ Stay safe, stay positive and always stay proud of who you are!

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