How UBUNTU has shaped our business culture and values in SA.
September 10, 2021

September is the month that we, as a people and as businesses, celebrate the proud heritage of this country. Our Heritage Day on Sept 24th is about celebrating our cultural diversity and how we as people, although all very different, with different skills and attributes, come together in one great ‘melting pot’ of ingredients that make the magnificent national smorgasbord that is our Rainbow nation!

Ubuntu is the foundation for the fundamental values that manifest themselves in the ways African people think and behave towards each other and everyone else they encounter. Ubuntu has been viewed to be one of the most critical values in the African culture as a whole, and it is believed that this practice on the basis of management can be harmonious with the people of Africa. Ubuntu philosophy permits administrators, leaders, and managers to tap into the familiar African values to build and reinforce their work environment effectively by teaming up and organising resources for survival – this maintains productivity and effectiveness, which profoundly depends on shared values and individual contribution: it encourages focus on communal (and differences) with reliance to minimise the threat to survival through conflict; creating of unified situations – the spirit of solidarity, that is, mutual regard among members and individual adhesion to the group; create cases defined by ‘group’ behaviours’ – sit together, focus, on each other, co-ordinate behaviour;

It enhances social oneness and participation – sets up informal opportunities based on traditional ‘set ups’ – central village location for gatherings, activities, mediation, decisions, events, and rituals. This has led to the creation of and adherence to our B-BBEE policies and has been seen as one example of how we have endeavoured to find the best in all of our people and bring it to the fore, and it is a symbol of the celebration of our diversity.

Our constitution, too, said to be one of the best in the world, has kept us on track to a society that is fair and equitable, and our strict attention to upholding human rights has ensured that we never return to the dark days of apartheid and that equal opportunity amongst all races and genders is forever present.
Businesses, too, against this backdrop of our proud heritage, have worked and fought hard to build an economy that has kept us at the forefront in Africa and a recognised player in the global business community. But what is it, in essence, that our business community can take from this proud heritage of ours that makes the difference between just an average business to one that offers truly professional business services?
We believe it is the values that we aspire to – the things that we, as a nation, need to strive for and be held accountable for to build a nation of excellence. They need to be nestled in the values of every good business, too – so what are some of these?…

Trustworthiness – Relationships are founded on trust – it forms the foundation of a nation and every good business

Loyalty – Just as we need always to be loyal to our country, seeing it through thick and thin, every company needs to show that same loyalty to their clients.

Reliability – Promises broken by the Government of a country can do untold damage – as do promises broken by businesses to their clients. Reliability is a crucial ingredient of long-term partnerships.

Dedication – Without dedication to our country, we will fail as a nation – as will any business not dedicated to its client’s aspirations and requirements

Honesty – Without honesty, many more lies will be told – and no nation or business can continue to stand on a foundation of lies!

Fairness – To be fair to each other is the essence of upholding human rights and a vital ingredient of the relationships we build in business

Accountability – This is the key to maintaining relationships – and clients. If we can’t account for our inadequacies or mistakes – how can we ever learn or grow?

Professionalism – This last value is probably the one on which businesses most need to stand. There are amateurs, and there are professionals – as someone who needs a service professionally carried out – which would you choose?

We cannot separate our inherent values from the work we perform.

At Platinum Business Solutions, we have recognised and harnessed these values to incorporate them into our company culture. It is through upholding them that we remain on the cutting edge of best business practice and keep our clients’ ahead of the curve.’ In a world of business as competitive as that in which we operate, nothing less will suffice.

We firmly believe in building companies around people. So from day one, we work with our clients, unlocking new ways of thinking on both an individual and group level so that we can lead them and their people to extraordinary breakthroughs. In so doing, we facilitate the achievement of phenomenal results, and throughout it all, our values are ever-present.

Contact us today to get a birds-eye view of a company that fully realises how our heritage can shape our business values and how we have maximised this to give you, our clients, nothing less than Platinum Business Solutions!


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