Set smart business goals for 2022
January 26, 2022

In the last couple of years, we have endured some extraordinarily challenging times in business. We have been taken totally by surprise by a pandemic that no one expected (or was quite prepared to deal with) and a subsequent market crash that left many businesses reeling and making all kinds of adjustments merely to survive. In this type of climate, goal setting has felt almost pointless as there was no way of knowing if our best-laid plans would simply be derailed again and we would be back into survival mode.

Regardless of all this, we need to always approach the growth of our businesses as an essential part of what we do. What is the point of any endeavour if we cannot better ourselves and always be striving for something to challenge the status quo?

So, even though we are still facing massive pandemics all over the globe, the Omicron variant is proving to be more like a bad flu than the deadly virus which we first had to face, and with much of the World’s population now being vaccinated, it’s time to start believing that we really can set smart business goals for 2022!

There are a few essential aspects to setting such goals however and perhaps these pointers can be a useful guide…

Know what you want to achieve

It sounds like we’re just stating the obvious but many business owners set goals based on adding new products or services or simply improving sales targets without seriously considering exactly where they want the business to be within a given period of time.

Are you happy to remain as a similar business to what you are right now? – or have you taken the time to envisage an entirely different business that could be far superior, based on setting different goals?

Engage all stakeholders

Part of successfully achieving this, is to ensure you get the input of all the people involved in the business, from the partners and board members to every worker in the field or on the floor. Get some ideas on where everyone would like to see themselves in a few years.

Remember the new workforce will not be millennials anymore, but Generation Z, and they have an entirely different take on what a business of the future should look like. If they are to be part of the machinery behind your business you had better ensure that they will be as fired up as you are!

Accept the new norm

Another important consideration is that COVID has probably changed the way we operate forever. These changes are not necessarily bad either as having more people working from home can have significant cost-saving advantages and create a much happier workforce (not to mention ease the burgeoning traffic congestion, on the highways). Instead of fighting it or assuming things will revert to how they were, set your goals to align with the advantages of the new norm. 

….and the usual stuff…

As always, set both short and long term goals, include contingency plans for the unexpected and ensure goals are challenging for the workforce, but always realistic. There is nothing that will ensure you don’t get their buy-in more than if your workforce feels that the goals set for them are unattainable! 

Engage a professional business service  

If you want your business to succeed in 2022, to stand head and shoulders above the rest, and to attain more than you would ever have believed possible, engage the services of a professional business service like PBS. 

At Platinum Business Solutions, our core function is to position our clients ‘ahead of the curve’ by generating the vital competitive advantage that has become imperative in today’s business world. Contact us before you even get started on goal setting this year and you can rest assured that with our help you will set even smarter business goals for 2022!

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