Why workplace conflict should be professionally ‘nipped in the bud!’
June 22, 2022

In a previous article, we looked at various ways that conflict in the workplace can be managed by employers and we hope it was useful. We did emphasise however that it is usually the best idea to have these matters handled by professionals as workplace conflict issues can become extremely complex and ultimately become matters that need to be dealt with legally.

It is for this reason that we at Platinum Business Solutions, who pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to business services, include conflict management and the professional handling of it as a critical part of our offering to our clients. This article, therefore, emphasises the point that conflict in the workplace should be professionally ‘nipped in the bud,’ but most importantly also gives a few reasons why!

What do the professionals do?

You may say, ‘’well, knowing now of various ways to handle conflict management why should I call on professionals to do it?’’ From dispute investigation to chairing disciplinary hearings and much more, there is a lot that professionals do and need to be qualified for to effectively handle conflict management in the workplace. Don’t underestimate the number of services that need to be included in this – and they include:

  • The drafting of employment contracts, disciplinary code of conduct agreements and labour policies
  • Chairing disciplinary hearings, appeal hearings and shop steward meetings
  • The management of general grievances, poor work performance and the general disciplining of staff
  • Union intervention and collective bargaining, dispute resolution (CCMA bargaining council), retrenchment negotiations – and more…

….but why ‘nipped in the bud?’

So, having ascertained that there is a lot to it – generally, far more than the average business can handle itself, let’s look at a few good reasons why conflict in the workplace should be ‘nipped in the bud’ – in other words why do we need to get the jump on workplace conflict issues?

Well, to begin with the idea is to try to avoid them turning into expensive and potentially damaging legal matters. Businesses can save an enormous amount of money in the long term by preventing workplace issues because their documentation and compliances are in place and by initiating knowledgeable negotiations that lead to amicable settlements long before they turn into difficult, costly legal issues.

It is also important for a business to try to maintain a happy staff, who all feel fairly treated as this generally induces a far higher level of productivity and encourages teamwork. Rather develop a positive and healthy work culture that retains valuable employees and attracts a higher skills base. Word quickly gets around that you are a great company to work for.

Sadly, thanks to Social Media, word just as quickly gets around if you are often facing labour issues, particularly if they are poorly handled. Your brand identity can suffer from this and your company’s ability to recruit valuable employees.

Consult the professionals

Talk to us about any labour issues you may be experiencing, or better still, engage with us about handling them as part of the comprehensive business management services that we provide. Don’t just ‘nip labour issues in the bud,’ but rather ‘get the jump’ on your competition and engage Platinum Business Solutions (PBS), the professional business services company that can give you the cutting edge!

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